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NOW FOR SALE: sBitx is a 40 watts, high performance SDR

Dear All,

The Developer’s Edition of the sBitx is finally for sale on Before you press the buy button, a few things to note.

1. HF Signals Corporation is now a USA company, registered in Delaware. As some of you know off-line, we are planning to increase our foot-print in the USA in the near future.

2. This is a developers edition, that means, there will be bugs. But nothing that can’t be fixed sooner than later by just running a simple “git pull” command from the command line. That said, the developer’s edition is meant for hackers and homebrewers. Do not purchase it if all you are interested in is a new radio with gee-whiz features. Let the developers get it first. We have limited stock.

3. We hope to bring the prices down as soon as the chip shortage eases. At the moment, we had to purchase the Raspberry Pis at $150 to ship these out.

4. The sBitx can be homebrewed by you. It is actually simpler that the ubitx, circuitry-wise. I will urge you to try brewing it yourself.

If you find any errors on the or‘s pages on sbitx, do write here on the group with #sbitxedits as the first word subject line. Others can skip it if they don’t want to read all that stuff.

Thanks for all the support and love.

– f

Ashhar Farhan. My callsign is VU2ESE. I like to experiment with radio electronics. These some of the radios, test gear and experiments that I have built. All the content of this website is freely reproducible for any purpose as long as you mention that the original source code/circuit diagram/text was from this website.

The sBitx is a homebrewer’s SDR radio with integrated digital modes.

  • Maximum power output of 40 watts on 80M and 40M bands, goes down to 20 watts on 15M and 6 watts on 10M.
  • Based on a Raspberry Pi, a WM8731 codec and ordinary components found in your junkbox
  • Uses a hybrid superhet architecutre for high performance design
  • You can build it for less than $100 in new parts in addition to the Raspberry Pi and Display.
  • The circuit is simple to build without any FPGAs and expensive parts
  • The software is hackable, modular.

He is ready to put his new radio, the sBitz, out to the world.

Go to his blog and read all about it HERE


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