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QRP Frequencies

QRP Calling Frequencies

Band CW Phone

160m 1810 kHz 1843 kHz

1843 kHz (EU)

80m 3560 kHz 3985 kHz

3690 kHz (EU)

60m 5346.5 kHz (Ch2)

40m 7030 kHz 7285 kHz

7122 kHz 7090 kHz (EU)

30m 10106 kHz

10116 kHz (ALT)

20m 14060 kHz 14285 kHz

17m 18096 kHz 18130 kHz

15m 21060 kHz 21385 kHz

21285 kHz (EU)

12m 24906 kHz 24950 kHz

10m 28060 kHz 28385 kHz

28365 kHz (EU)

6m 50060 kHz 50185 kHz

2m1 44060 kHz 144285 kHz

EU=Preferred frequency in Europe.

Digital modes are generally at higher end of usual frequencies.
Note that these are generally preferred QRP calling frequencies though not all inclusive.


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