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Opportunity to WIN a new (tr)uSDX

Hi All,

Sunny Yang (our official Dealer) has generously offered some (tr)uSDX to give away for free. Thank you so much for doing this !

The first (tr)uSDX will be given to someone, who truly needs it under the following conditions:

To participate in the giveaway, you need to share your story on Facebook:¬if_id=1656602849088107

(copy and paste into your browser)

why the possession of a (tr)uSDX would make your life better ?

Story needs to be true, and the best story wins.

Please share this with everyone, you know, who might be in serious need for a rig, and maybe cannot afford one.

We (Sunny, Guido and me) will pick our Top 5, and make a Poll to let you all vote who will finally get it. Please no direct contacting of us 3 about this. We will take no bribes. If you can afford to bribe us, you can probably also afford to buy a (tr)uSDX

So please give those a chance, that need it.

Deadline to participate will be Friday, 15 July 2022 23:59 UTC

Saturday/Sunday we will have the Poll to decide the winner.

Upcoming Giveaways will be under different conditions, and will be announced here as well.

73 Manuel; DL2MAN

(I am not on FaceBook, though many of you are, so here is your chance!!)


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