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Ham Radio

WB8YXF’s Radio Blog

A new POTA for me

Today I got a chance to head out, between the rain and storms to activate a new park for me. K-4526, George Washington and Jefferson National Forest. This park covers several states. I was heading to a section of the Forest in VA. It may be the most Eastern and Southern tip of the Forest,…

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QRP Frequencies

QRP Calling Frequencies Band CW Phone160m 1810 kHz 1843 kHz 1843 kHz (EU)80m 3560 kHz 3985 kHz 3690 kHz (EU)60m 5346.5 kHz (Ch2) 40m 7030 kHz 7285 kHz 7122 kHz 7090 kHz (EU)30m 10106 kHz 10116 kHz (ALT)20m 14060 kHz 14285 kHz17m 18096 kHz 18130 kHz15m 21060 kHz 21385 kHz 21285 kHz (EU)12m 24906 kHz…

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Opportunity to WIN a new (tr)uSDX

Hi All,Sunny Yang (our official Dealer) has generously offered some (tr)uSDX to give away for free. Thank you so much for doing this !The first (tr)uSDX will be given to someone, who truly needs it under the following conditions:To participate in the giveaway, you need to share your story on Facebook:¬if_id=1656602849088107(copy and paste into…

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W4DXCC Convention

“W4DXCC DX and Contest Convention every year for the past 17 years has welcomed Hams from around the world. Our goal is simple, provide a place where All hams can come and enjoy fellowship with other Hams for several days each September.” “We bring together Top equipment manufacturers and suppliers to be on hand to…

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New Forum for QRP’ers

Thomas, K4SWL, who runs has started a new forum for all of us who love to be QRP and in the field. Thomas states in his blog, “I’ve created a QRPer discussion board that anyone can join, free of charge, at My hope is that this will be a spot for community members…

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HAM meets Military event

On Friday the first of April 2022 (this is no joke) the Royal Dutch Army will organise ”HAM meets military”. Eight special stations consisting of 2 military operators and 1 amateur with callsigns PA01MIL up to and including PA08MIL will be on air on HF from 0700Z (GMT) until 1900Z (GMT).The main goal is to…

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W4ELP new Lookup Program with ACLog and HRD!!

Just a note to let you know that the W4ELP Lookup program with interface for N3FJP and Ham Radio Deluxe has a new update available. Among a number of enhancements, the N3FJP interface has been improved for reliability. Logging is both in N3FJP and HRD.It’s available free of charge at | Home.

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Seems like a long time!!

Well yes it has been awhile since I started this blog, and my intention is to tell a story of where I’ve been with my radios, such as in the parks or on a summit. Since my couple of QRP rigs are being upgraded, and this is taking a few days, weeks, I have not…

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My first POTA Activation

On 2 October 2021 I activated my first Parks on the Air (POTA), actually, 2 parks were activated. The Shenandoah National Park (SNP) (K-0064) and the Appalachian Trail (AT) (K-4556) were my first parks to activate, both in Virginia. On this day, the 100th year of the AT was being celebrated by hams across the…

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